Main Office

510 339 6100

1757 Mountain Blvd

Oakland, CA 94611

Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Main Office

510 339 6100

1757 Mountain Blvd

Oakland, CA 94611

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Shop & Earn



Shop & Earn fundraisers allow our community to give back to Montclair Elementary without spending any extra money.

Every family giving (100% is our goal) to one or more of the school fundraising campaigns demonstrates commitment to our Oakland community school — the #otterlove behind the extraordinary Montclair School experience.

Read on and see how you, too, can help provide our children with an exceptional school experience! 

NEW TO MONTCLAIR ELEMENTARY! Make your shopping count with Benefit Mobile.

Benefit Mobile is a secure app that allows you to instantly purchase digital gift cards to use online or in-store, at retailers including [Walmart, Target, The Home Depot and Amazon]. When you pay with the secure app, Montclair Elementary gets up to 20% of the purchase price from the retailer— so you don’t have to spend an extra cent!

Watch the video to learn more, then download Benefit today from the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to select Montclair Elementary School PTA as your beneficiary!

What is Benefit? from Benefit Mobile, Inc. on Vimeo.

Good Eggs: absurdly fresh groceries delivered to your home and giving back to Montclair Elementary.

How does the fundraiser work? Join the fundraiser using your school's special code, and Good Eggs donates 5% back on every order you place in October & November. 

What is the code for Montclair Elementary School? OTTERLOVE18 -it's live NOW!

Help Montclair Elementary receive a $500 bonus! If 20 families try Good Eggs using your school code (ie: they use the school code on their very first Good Eggs order), our school will receive a $500 fundraising bonus!  New Good Eggs customers get $15 of their first order.

Although 5% only goes back on orders placed between October 1 and November 30, any new customers who use the school code before the fundraiser launch will be counted toward your new customer bonus! 

How does someone join the fundraiser?

  1. Visit school.goodeggs.com
  2. Enter the code OTTERLOVE18 and click "Shop Now."
  3. Add your groceries to your Good Eggs basket and place your order. You will see a  confirmation text on the checkout page that says "You're supporting Montclair Elementary School!"

Please note: You have to actually place an order using the school code to join the fundraiser. If you add the school code at schools.goodeggs.com but then use a different code at checkout, you have not joined the fundraiser. 

Once an order is placed using the code OTTERLOVE18, it sticks in your basket all the way through November 30. You'll continue to see the confirmation text--- "You're supporting Montclair Elementary School!"---at checkout every time you place an order, confirming that you have indeed joined the fundraiser.

How to Join the Good Eggs School Fundraiser Video 

AmazonSmile. Purchase with purpose.

Amazon donates .5% to Montclair Elementary PTA at no cost to you when you shop at smile.amazon.com

Choose MES PTA as your charity to support. Be sure to bookmark AmazonSmile to make shopping even easier!

Why eScrip?

$450 million for schools and nonprofit organizations across the country.

Everyday purchases add up by simply doing the things you already do. Leverage the future of fundraising for your organization with eScrip, the longest running and most successful “electronic scrip” program in the USA. 

Sign up is FREE! What are you waiting for? Choose Montclair School PTA as your beneficiary and keep on shopping



Box Tops for Education is a super fun and easy way to share your #otterlove and raise extra spending cash for Montclair Elementary! Think of it like a family scavenger hunt! Who can find the most box tops in your household??

Get your child(ren) involved in grocery shopping, counting, and fundraising while giving them an opportunity to contribute to the success of their school community!

Simply cut the Box Top labels off the packages and deliver them to your classroom container. The class that collects the most Box Tops wins a pizza party!

Our drive runs through May 1st, 2019.  To learn more about the program, visit http://www.boxtops4education.com and if you still have questions, email .


  • If every student turns in just 10 Box Tops: Montclair could earn over $600
  • If every student collected 5 Box Tops per month: Montclair could earn over $3,000!

FREE Printable --> 2018 Box Top Buzz