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Main Office

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Otter Walk 2018


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About the Otter Walk

The Otter Walk is the biggest, most fun, and only community-oriented fundraiser that the PTA coordinates for our school. This is the day where all students, teachers, and parents look forward to walking, prizes, walking, visiting, food, entertainment, and walking!


Why do we do it?

The funds we raise will support our PTA enrichment and community programs, including the library, Integrated Arts, computer lab, and much more. We also support teachers with a substantial annual fund for classroom supplies and host many special projects around the school.


How can I learn more?

Students will receive the Otter Walk packet on Monday, September 10th. If you did not receive a packet, pick up an extra one at the office. Please read this packet as it contains a schedule, information about collecting pledges, prize levels, and a permission slip. For your convenience, many of the forms are linked at the bottom of this page.


Where do we walk?

This year’s one-kilometer lap will include the perimeter of the school and Montclair Park.


How can my student participate?

To walk, each student needs a signed permission form (bring this on the day of the Otter Walk).  We also ask that each child find at least one sponsor. Read more about pledge form and sponsorships.  Help your child contact relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors for sponsorships. Sponsors can donate a flat amount or an amount per lap, and all sponsor donations are tax-deductible. More sponsors = more prizes.

Corporate Matching can also double your efforts! We have created a  partial list of Bay Area employers who have offered Corporate Matching programs in prior years. The school’s website also has a search bar you can use to determine match eligibility with other employers:


Did you say prizes?

Students are eligible to receive prizes at the prize assembly in November. EVERY Montclair student who attends the Otter Walk gets a t-shirt! It’s the most coveted clothing item of the year!

In-class parties are given to all classes in which 100% of kids show up and walk.

Special recognition is also given to classes that walk the farthest, the student who walks the farthest in each grade, the top fundraising student, and the student who collects the most sponsors in the school.


Do parents get to have fun too?

Parents can join in the fun by walking with their kids, shopping at The Otter Shop, volunteering, and signing up for Hosted Parties sponsored by teachers and parents.  

We will even be raffling off exciting prizes! When the kids take a break from walking, they can look for the Apron ‘Prize’ Person, have their faces painted, refresh with a fresh fruit smoothie from the bike smoothie, or a treat from the Dad’s Club sugar shack. Delicious breakfast, lunch, and snacks are available at our food concessions throughout the day. In short: Come, stay, and play all day long!

The Otter Walk’s success relies entirely on our parent body volunteering for a shift or two at the event. It’s a great way to meet other families and make the event more fun. Sign up early to grab your favorite booth and preferred time slot. Needed 400+ volunteer shifts. MES is #bettertogether. 

Volunteer at the Otter Walk.


It’s FUN!

Come hang out with friends and get to know others while helping your school. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes, bring sunscreen, a water bottle for your child, and a credit card to sign up for unique Hosted Parties. Everything else can be paid for using Otter Bucks (purchase Otter Bucks at http://otterwalk.dojiggy.com)

You’re all set! Start stretching– and get ready for a great day walking, signing up for hosted party events, enjoying live entertainment, eating, and connecting with your school community at the 2018 Otter Walk! 


2018 Otter Walk Chairs:

Leila Tudury

Michelle Jacobson-Kwok

Callie Pannier

Carmen Benjamin

Katy Geisert, Past Chair

Questions? Email us at


2018 Otter Walk Documents 

Event Schedule

Permission Form (bring this on the day of the Otter Walk)

Pledge Form 

School-wide Goals


Employee Matching

Fundraising Letter to Neighbors

Hosted Parties

Students’ Personal Online Donation Pages

Post-Event Collections Information