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Main Office

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hosted Parties

The Fun in FUNdraising

Hosted Parties by Montclair families are an essential part of our school fundraising activities.  They are fun, popular and a great opportunity to meet other families in a social setting.  Whether you host a party or sign up to come to a party, you are sure to have a fantastic time as you mix and mingle with Montclair families.

What are Hosted Parties?

They are “sign-up” events that parents, a group of parents or teachers agree to host for as many people as they feel appropriate for the specific activity/party.  Attendees can be adults, kids or a combination of the two.  Tickets to the events are purchased at the Otter Walk and the Otter Bash with prices ranging from $20-$50 per person or $75 per family depending on the event with most adult parties falling in the $40-50 per person range and most kid parties in the $20-$35 range. The hosts cover all party expenses and 100% of the funds raised by the event benefit our school programs.

Parties don’t need to be elaborate, but they can be! They can be as simple as movie night, hike, organized team game at a park or more elaborate progressive dinner hosted by multiple families. Some ideas are:

  • Family Carnival
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Jedi Academy
  • Pizza making or Cake decorating or Jewelry making
  • Wine and Beer Tasting
  • Home Concerts
  • Bollywood and Mardi Gras Dinners

Scholarship opportunities are available for kid parties – contact Principal Saddler for scholarships at denise.saddler@ousd.org.

We need every family at Montclair School to make the effort to donate your time, talent or treasure…and Hosted Parties are a fun way to do so!

Here’s how:

  1.     Plan any type of party, activity or get-together for any number of kids, adults or families in the Montclair School community.
  2.     Recruit your friends as co-hosts.  It’s easier and more fun to organize a party with others.
  3.     Email your Hosted Party idea to hostedparties@montclairschool.com soon as possible.


  •   Event name, brief description, location and date
  •   Host name(s), emails and phone numbers
  •   Maximum number of people who can attend
  •   Suggested price for the event


Like to host, but don’t have an idea or co-host?

The Hosted Party Committee can connect you with a party that needs co-hosts.


If I host an event, how much will it cost? Will I be reimbursed?

Cost depends on the number of co-hosts and the party itself. Most hosts consider expenses associated with the Hosted Party as a donation to PTA; however, hosts can be reimbursed up to 20% of their costs, not including alcohol.


Hosted Parties 2017-18 Calendar


Please direct all questions to  

Hosted Parties for Otter Walk 2017- Details below

Who: Anyone who likes to throw a party! We need volunteers to host parties to be featured at the upcoming Otter Walk on October 21.  Families and teachers often team-up to host parties together.

The Hosted Party team is here to help you generate ideas for events for kids, adults, or families. If you’d like to co-host but don’t have partners yet, we can connect you with other like-minded parents to plan a new party or find an existing party you can help co-host.

Why: Hosted Parties bring Montclair families together for fun and celebrate our community—they’re a great opportunity for kids and adults to make new friends. These events raised over $55,000 last year to fund student enrichment programs.

Where: Parties can be hosted in a home, a park, or any venue of your choosing. Hosts are always looking for fabulous entertaining homes, so if you would like to offer up your house but don’t feel like spearheading the party, let us know and we can connect you to co-hosts.

How: Once you have an event planned, email the with the host names, the date, and a description of the party.

We will also post a sneak peek of this year’s Hosted Party offerings, so be sure to check back before you come to the Otter Walk.


The deadline for submitting Hosted Party information is Friday, October 6th.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Hosted Parties Team,

Jenna Ford, Alice Hansen, Brandi Jackson, Johanna Jones, and  Bella Lindell

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