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Main Office

510 339 6100

1757 Mountain Blvd

Oakland, CA 94611

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Annual Fund

Donate to Montclair Elementary School PTA

Our children need your support now more than ever

This page contains information and links to online payments for the Annual Fund

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides Montclair Elementary students with the resources they need to deliver the best education in OUSD. OUSD recently made changes to their funding formula, one of the major changes will be to provide more support to families in need. Resulting in limited and restrictive budgets for programs such as art, music, library services, and physical education. Our PTA serves to bridge this resource gap. With your help, our PTA can continue to provide the resources needed to supplement and deliver the best curriculum and enrichment programming for our students.

The Annual Fund, in addition to the Otter Walk, Otter Bash, and Corporate Matching program will provide over 98% of our operating PTA revenue. With the goal to reduce the amount of yearly ‘asks’ this year, the Annual Fund will provide teachers with allocated funds for supplies and field trips.

Our goal is for 100% of Montclair families to donate to this year’s Annual Fund. Families are asked to donate the minimum amount of $75 per child which will cover each student’s field trip costs.

Additional funding is needed so that we can continue to provide enrichment activities and services that are not covered by OUSD. We encourage parents to donate more than $75, however any contribution is appreciated. 

Why Donate?

  • Support our Children

    • The PTA contributes approximately $1000 per child to support their academic, social and emotional success

    • The PTA will support enrichment programs, professional development, community building events and school site support with a budget of over $ 505,000

  • Boost Teacher Impact

    • Small Group Specialist, Professional Development, Technology and funds for supplies and field trips  will minimize the effects of large class sizes and help our teachers deliver the best education

  • Expand and enhance learning through enrichment programs and activities

  • Without your support we risk losing our enrichment programs and budgetary reserves

Participation at any level is welcome and appreciated.

Annual Fund FAQ's

Changes and budgetary reductions in OUSD funding will reduce district funding for our enrichment programs. As a result the Montclair PTA must provide more financial resources to fill the gap left by the reallocated funds. The Annual Fund is a new and additional fundraiser for MES. With the goal to provide a variety of fundraising options for families, increase our fundraising revenue, and appeal to those with limited volunteer availability- the Annual Fund can be a successful campaign. Please participate at any level.

Very few parents are volunteering and very few parents are giving money; it is critical that we boost our fundraising efforts and volunteerism in order to sustain our current enrichment programs. We MUST raise $505,000 this year to cover the cost of our 2017/18 PTA budgeted expenses.

Based on parent feedback, many parents would like the option to write a check or make monetary donations because their availability to volunteer is limited. Others seek greater opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions to their child’s school. Please consider donating any amount to help support our children and bridge the OUSD resource gap.

No. The Otter Walk and Otter Bash are very successful and utilize alternative fundraising platforms such as pledge seeking, paid community- building events (hosted parties), auctions and raffles.

We encourage all families to participate in all MES fundraisers.

No. In prior years MES would collect classroom enrichment funds at the classroom level per room parents. In an effort to reduce the number of monetary ‘asks’ throughout the year, we will lump field trip funds, teachers supply funds and PTA membership (optional) into one amount. We are asking a suggested minimum of $175 per child. See allocation chart.

Yes. Please indicate your children’s names, teachers and grades in the indicated boxes or/in the paypal comments.

No, however if you have more than one child it may be easier to make one combined donation. Please refer to the prior response in question 6.  Please indicate the names of parents your donation will include. The Annual Fund committee will handle the rest. Note PTA membership is $12.50 per parent.

Yes. Please reach out to your job and/or contact pgately@me.com

Yes. Many employer giving campaigns will coincide with the Annual Fund.

Sure. After you make your donation, please submit your allocation details to the PTA financial secretary at

Yes. A receipt will automatically be generated after your contribution is submitted. Please keep this receipt for your tax records.

Please direct questions for the Annual Fund to annualfund@montclairschool.com.