6/10/2013 – Weekly Newsletter

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6/10/2013 – Weekly Newsletter


Montclair School Library Books
Need to Be Returned!

So many Montclair students enjoyed our wonderful Montclair school library this year! Unfortunately, there are still MANY overdue library books that need to be returned to the school library ASAP

Overdue notices were sent home last week, and volunteers visited classrooms personally to gather up as many errant books as possible.  We are asking all parents and guardians to please make sure that all Montclair School library books are returned immediately so that we can complete our library inventory this week, and have our library complete for next year.

If you find a book has been lost, please have your child visit the library and pay for the book (prices for books are on the overdue notices.) 

Please note that students with overdue library books will not be able to take home their final report cards!!!

Thank you for your help! 

Summer Reading Program at the Oakland Public Library
Reading is So Delicious!  Join us for a summer of fun, June 15-August 10.  Read 8 hours during the summer and be eligible to win a free book and other prizes.  Parents and older children may read to children who aren't reading yet.  To sign up or get more details, visit the library or see http://oaklandlibrary.org/blogs/activities-tips/2013-05-31/reading-soooooooo-delicious or  http://www.oaklandsummerreading.com/


End of Year Classroom Move!

Packing help needed!

Our teachers and staff need your help! All classrooms and portables affected by the new school move need to be packed up by the weekend after school ends (June 16th).  This is a BIG effort, but it will be made smaller by the effort of many!!!  Please consider helping out our MES community by doing one of the following:

  1. Volunteer to help your teacher pack up their classroom (contact your room parent for what help is needed and when)
  2. Help our fabulous art teacher pack up her art room and supplies.  To sign up to help Remi go to: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0B4BACAE2DA46-artroom  or contact Stephanie Helman ()
  3. Volunteer-palooza:  come out on Friday June 14th for a day of packing (starting at 8:30 am - stay as long or little as you can...every bit helps)!  Bring your kids, they can help alongside you!  :). Our music teacher, Special Ed, Computers, ottertorium all need help to be packed up.  (just packing, no heavy lifting). Contact Jennifer Winn () to join this effort!!!

Thanks everyone! 


LANGUAGE LEAGUE PROGRAM It's hard to believe that 2012-13 is coming to an end.  To all of our students being promoted to the 6th grade, we wish you great success!  For those families of returning students, we hope you will choose to sign them up for next year's Language League program.  Priority online registration for current Language League students begins Monday, July 1.  Enrollment for all students opens on Monday, July 8.  We encourage you to register early to reserve your student's space in the program.

Have a wonderful summer and we'll see you in August!

Kari Stewart on behalf of the Language League Board

In an effort to continue to improve our after school enrichment offerings, please send your feedback about any of the classes (good or bad) and any ideas for new classes you would like to see next year to Audrey Yamamoto at:
Thank you!
Friday, June 14

Minimum Days:  Students will be released at 1:30 every day next week (June 10-13). 

 5th Grade Promotion:   The fifth grade promotion is on Thursday, June 13th from 9:30-10:30 am.

Last Day of School:  The last day of school is Thursday, June 13.  There is no school on Friday, June 14. 

Help Your Child’s Teacher Move:  Almost every teacher will be moving to a new classroom when our new building is completed.  All of these teachers need to be packed up by June 16.  Please ask your teacher or room rep how you can help!

 Please Do Not Park in the Drop-off Zones: While we value and appreciate field trip chaperones, NO ONE may park in the drop off zone in front of the school or in the upper lot before 9:00.  This disrupts the flow of drop off and slows everyone down.  Please be respectful of other parents and keep things moving at drop off!

 School Office Closing:  The school office closes for the summer on June 20 at 4:00 pm.


10-week Summer Package for FREE for students to practice.

Site name:

 MathNuggets is a math enrichment site designed to challenge your advanced Math learner. We have FREE 10-week Summer Program for children to hone their math skills over summer.

 The Summer Program gives daily 15-minute quizzes for practice. The idea is to have short, daily sessions of solving questions that are designed enhance analytical and logical skills. We focus on making each question interesting and challenging to make your child think - no drills here. Each question has a detailed solution to facilitate learning. We believe its a great way to keep honing those math brain cells and get set for the coming year.

To enroll:

  1. Create a Parent and Student login, password at www.mathnuggets.com/register
  2. Select course to enroll student
  3. Students must use their login to access quizzes

We love hearing from you. If you need help or just want to share some thoughts, please reach out to us at

Happy Quizzing!

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