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Teacher Appreciation

Holiday Appreciation Gift
It is MES tradition to give a Holiday Gift to teachers just before the Winter break. This is the first opportunity to say “thank you” to our teachers through a class gift.  The gift is typically a combination of a gift of monetary value (collected via class donations) and something personal, liked homemade goods from the class.  This gift is given the last week of school before the winter holidays.  For 2015, this is the week of December 14th.  See guidelines below for gift giving ideas!
Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is observed annually during the first full week in May. In 2016, this is the week of May 2.
What happens during Teacher Appreciation Week?
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon
The annual MES  Teacher Appreciation luncheon takes place during this week, on Wednesday, May 4th at 1:30 pm.  This luncheon is a wonderful way for our school community to show our teachers (and staff) how much we appreciate all they do for our children.  This 100% volunteer participation event involves parents bringing in home-baked food as well as volunteering time to help plan the event, serve food, and clean-up.
End of Year Teacher Appreciation Gift(s)
This is the second, and final, opportunity to say “thank you” to our teachers through a class gift.  Like the holiday gift, this gift is typically a combination of a gift of monetary value (collected via class donations) and a creative  gift from the students.  See guidelines below for gift giving!
Guidelines for Class Gift Giving
Please follow these guidelines when considering gifts for your teacher:
  • Monetary gifts are typically between $100-$300 in value.  If you collect more than $300 for the holiday gift, consider holding on to some of the $$$ to use towards the end of year gift in May.  As a general rule, you will collect more money in December than in May.
  • Giving cash to teachers is NOT allowable, however you can purchase a gift card(s)
  • When seeking donations from your classroom parents, please remember that donations are OPTIONAL and also that some parents may not be able to contribute monetarily.  However, the class gift is from the entire class, regardless of participation
    • Mrs. Bloom really encourages us to stress that it is optional participation and it should never be referred to as a must-do. 
    • Also, using correct language when asking for parent participation is really important, “optional”,”invited to participate”, “donation”, “gift” are all good words. 
    • A suggested amount is a good idea as long as the side note is there that people can give any amount that is comfortable for them. No one should feel excluded, whatever their situation may be. 
  • Many of the best gifts come from the heart, and are not monetary in value
  • Consider getting the students involved in gift-giving.  Some ideas (not an exhaustive list!) include:
    • Homecard card(s) from students
    • Digital video of thanks to the teacher
    • Recipe book of family faves
    • Photo book
    • Home baked goods
  • Pinterest has many great gift-giving ideas!  Check them out!


How to Collect Donations for Class Gift:
Make it easy for people to contribute and also allow them to actively decide yes or no, or how much they want to contribute. 
  1. It can be helpful to suggest donation amounts (e.g. $5-$15/family or whatever is comfortable).  
  2. PayPal is extremely helpful for collecting donations.   Another way is to send home a hard copy message with an envelope attached with the students name written on the envelope (super important to have the name on the envelope – people want their contribution to be associated with them).
  3. Discourage families from putting cash in the classroom envelopes – sadly, money disappears from the classroom every year!!!!  Collect checks instead!
  4. Send reminders – people forget and need to be reminded. 


How to Collect Donations using PayPal:
1.  Here is how to create a donate link, with no specified dollar amount:   

First log in to PayPal, then go to the “create donation button” form:

Follow the instructions on the form. Under “Contribution amount” you can select the option to let the donors choose their own amount. Once you are done, click the “create button” button at the bottom of the form.  There is a small service fee per each transaction.

2.  You can also ask parents to make a contribution via PayPal withing incurring a transaction fee.   Here’s how it works:
You need to have a PayPal account, then click on “Merchant Services”, click on “Create payment buttons for your website”, the next window has a pull down menu: pick donations, the rest is easy. It will produce a web and email link. Click on the email tab, copy and paste into the email you send to the class.
You can then ask parents to login to their PayPal account and use the “send someone money” link and send their payment to your  email address that is linked to your paypal account.