Room Reps


Welcome to the MES Room Representative Resource Center
We’ve collected information that has been useful to Room Reps in the past and posted it here for your reference.  You can use these resources — or not — per the needs of your particular classroom.  For more information or assistance, please contact A’sonda Adams or Leslie Dougherty.  Thank you!!

Room Rep Role in a Nutshell:

Provide your Teacher the help they need to make their classroom a vibrant and inclusive environment for the kids!
  1. Volunteers: Your Teacher will need many hands to make things run smoothly.  Get folks signed up at Back to School Night when they are fresh and excited about the coming year.
  2. Communication: Keep the lines of communication flowing so parents know what’s going on and how they can get involved.
  3. Appreciation: Rally your class to demonstrate how much they appreciate the Teacher.  Holiday gifts and Teacher Appreciation Day are great places to start.