PTA Forms and Reports

PTA Forms and Reports

Thank you for participating in the Montclair Elementary PTA! In executing programs on behalf of the PTA, many members may either incur expenses on behalf of the PTA that need to be reimbursed, or collect funds on behalf of the PTA that need to be deposited. Please refer to the forms and procedures below for the

2016-2017 Expense Reimbursement Form: download this form, complete all necessary information and attach all receipts. Turn completed form in to Irene Thompson in the main office. You can expect your check in 7 – 10 days. Contact Erin Posey, Treasurer with any questions at

Deposits/Cash Verification : download this form and complete all necessary information. If you have a large number of checks, you may print out a copy of an excel spreadsheet showing the check numbers and amounts, rather than hand writing them in. If you have cash to deposit, you MUST contact the Financial Secretary to arrange a time to meet to count the cash together, this is a very important control feature. If your deposit does not include cash, you may turn in the completed form and checks to Irene Thompson in the main office. Contact Kevin Tam, Financial Secretary, with any questions at

PTA General Assembly Treasury Reports

2014 March Treasurer General Assembly Report305.7 KiB745
Montclair990Supplemental10.2 KiB799
Montclairtax2013630.9 KiB1583