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Parking and Drop-Off

Parking information for the 2017-18 school year

In this section parents can learn about volunteer basics, safety requirements, class assignments and how to sign up!

Important notices:

  • Unsupervised children from any grade, are not to be left on school grounds before 8:00. There will be no supervision on the playground for any child before 8:00!
  • Kinders may not use drop off or left unsupervised on school grounds before 8:30 start time unless accompanied by an older sibling.
  • Inform caregivers. If someone other than yourself is dropping off your children (e.g. grandparents, friends, child care providers) and are not reading this, please share with them drop off procedures and safety info.


Drop off zone basics:

Drop off zones have parent volunteers from 8:15 to 8:35am

Drop off zones will also be available for pick-up (without monitors).


Quick Drop 1 – Main building curb-sideMountain Boulevard 

  • This has become a quick and efficient place to drop students in either building.
  • Any other route you can take to alleviate the Colton/Mountain congestion is appreciated. As possible, those of us who live high in the Montclair Hills and are able to bypass via Thornhill Drive to Mountain Blvd, please try to use this drop off or…
  • If you live in Piedmont-side Montclair or access Mountain Blvd via Thornhill Drive, Quick Drop 1 is a more efficient drop off option.
  • Do not drop off on the North side of Mountain Boulevard.  There will be nobody to help your child cross this very busy street.


Quick Drop 2 – Upper parking lot

  • You can now pull all the way forward (to the fence) and drop student’s in the red zone. This offers a long drop off area and will hopefully alleviate some morning congestion. Just don’t forget, it’s still a red zone so DON’T stop for long or park!
  • Student’s using this drop off may enter the building via the entrance off the upper parking lot (see map)

Alternative Drop Off/Pick-up Suggestions:

  • Leave early, Beat the 8:25 rush!
  • If you want to park and walk kids in, get here at 8:15, there are loads of spaces
  • Carpool or walking school bus
  • Free street parking (Moraga Ave, Thornhill Drive)
  • Paid street parking Mountain Boulevard, Montclair Village side
  • Lucky’s supermarket in Montclair Village allows parents to use the upper deck.

Drop off zone safety:

In order for drop off  to work safely and smoothly, please:

  • do not stop or park in a yellow, handicapped or red zone. Either in or outside the parking lot – it is unsafe and you will be ticketed – plus, it creates a terrible back-up!
  • do not park in the yellow zones in front of the school – they are for loading and unloading only.
  • help the greeters in drop off zones each morning by pulling all the way forward and having your child ready to exit your vehicle via the curb side of your car.
  • do not drop off on the North side of Mountain Boulevard. There will be nobody to help your child cross this very busy street.
  • do not get out of your car if you are in the drop off zone – let the greeter help, or let your child exit the car on the passenger side.
  • do not have prolonged goodbyes, brush hair, put shoes on, get things out of the trunk, linger, etc. in the yellow zones. If you need to do this, please do it before arriving at school.
  • find alternative parking off of school grounds if you want to walk your child to class or supervise them walking down the sidewalk.

Keep in touch! We will continue to monitor drop off zones daily to see what can be improved. Please share your experiences and suggestions with us at