Parking and Drop-Off

Parking and Drop-Off

Safety and Disaster Preparedness Committee
Advocate for the Safety of the kids. Organize emergency food/comfort packets, maintain disaster supplies, and assist with school disaster drills. Work with OUSD to advocate for healthful options our kids will eat. Educate parents about the importance of kids’ nutrition. Coordinate morning drop-off helpers and work with OPD and administration to maximize the safety of our traffic flow.

Click here for the drop-off plan and schedule. 

Following up on the Safe Routes to Schools study, some past improvements include:

  • The City striping all busy corners and busy intersections, with the exception of the crosswalk at the stairs southeast of Colton.
  • The City installing new landing at the corner of Mountain and Colton completed.
  • The ladder crosswalk has been painted in alignment with the landing.

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