Sponsors and Prizes

Sponsors and Prizes


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Contact relatives, friends, co-workers and neighbors– sponsors can donate a flat donation or an amount per lap, and all sponsor donations are tax deductible.

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OtterWalk donations may be eligible for Corporate Matching gifts. *[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=223 linktext=’Click here for partial list of Bay Area employers who have offered Corporate Matching programs in prior years.’ /]

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* Click here to see each child’s online fundraising page!

Prizes: On December 9th students will attend a special assembly to celebrate one another’s accomplishments regardless of how far they walked or how much they raised. Classes can earn fun prizes and participate in special parties by walking as far as they can and securing high-levels of sponsorships. EVERY student who comes to the Otter Walk gets a T-Shirt! It’s the most coveted clothing item of the year! (Anyone unable to attend the Otter Walk can still earn a shirt by raising at least $150). Every student participating in the Otter Walk will receive a token and choose which of three local Oakland charities they want to support. We will donate to each nonprofit based on student votes. 

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Getting Sponsors is Easy!

Step 1: Set a goal. ($350 sounds like a good goal!) Check out the prize list to see where you want to end up.
Step 2: Make a list of family, friends, and neighbors who you’ll ask for support. (Don’t forget your parent or guardian’s co-workers!)
Step 3: Do the math. Figure out how much everyone needs to donate in order for you to make your goal.
Step 4: Write a letter, draw a picture—or both—that you can send out. (Ask if you can email—that’ll make it easy!)
Step 5: Ask. Tell everyone how much you want to raise and at what level you’ll need their support. Ask if their company will match their donation. Everyone will be proud of your willingness to ask for support for something that is important to you!

How does the PTA spend the money that your sponsors donate? 
* PTA covers the salaries of the school’s librarian, and the drama and art, kinder motor skills, computer, lunchtime HEROEs, and music teachers. In addition, PTA helps pay the salaries of the individuals who provide the noon time playground supervision.
* PTA gives your teacher money to help pay for classroom supplies.
* PTA underwrites the cost of the salad bar.
* PTA paid for the iPads and upgrades in the computer lab.
* PTA supports the Variety Show, Family Fun Day, and many other school-wide events; and much, much, more.

Did you know . . . 
* $60 pays for a week of drama class for 30 students!
* $100 helps pay for 20 song flutes for your music class!
* $250 covers the cost one week of art class for 165 students!
* $500 covers the cost of approximately 50 library books!
* $1,000 covers the cost of 2 new computers for the computer lab!