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Pay to Play Events

Pay to Play Events Put the Fun in Fundraising

Thanks for supporting MES at the 2016 Otter Walk!

  • What is a Pay to Play event anyway?A Pay to Play event is a parent- or teacher-hosted party that is sold at the Otter Walk to raise money for the MES PTA. The parties take place throughout the year and can be just for kids, adult only or festivities the entire family can enjoy. Here’s how it works:
    • Prior to the Otter Walk, volunteers sign up to host parties that will be sold during the Otter Walk to raise money for the Montclair PTA. It can be an event for kids, adults or families and as simple or as elaborate as you want!  
    • When the Otter Walk begins at 8 am, people can start signing up for Pay to Play events. It’s pretty low tech. Sign up sheets are posted on boards in front of the portables on the upper yard. You simply look for the party you or your child want to attend, write your name on the line and you have a spot. At some point during the day, you must stop by the Pay to Play table (located next to the boards) and register your credit card.
    • So while the kids are out walking laps, parents can sign up to purchase spots for their kids or themselves for pay to play events. Don’t forget to mark your calendars as some parties take place in the spring.
    • This year, we have lots of kid focused events lined up i.e. movie nights, after-school excursions to Yogafina, Holiday Craft Party, Hip Hop lessons – just to name a few.  
    • For larger children (i.e. parents) we are featuring a Hike to Pelican Inn, Local Beer Tasting and a Cinco de Mayo party!
    • Take a sneak peek at the list of this year’s events so you know which parties you want to sign up for. Some parties fill up fast, so it’s a good idea to sign up early!

    Have Questions? We’ve got answers!  [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=225 linktext=’Click here for Pay to Play FAQs’ /]

    Won’t be at the Otter Walk? No problem!  [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=176 linktext=’Click here for the Absentee Bidder Form’ /]

    2016 Otter Walk Pay to Play Event Descriptions – Coming soon!

    2016 Otter Walk Pay to Play Calendar – [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=239 linktext=’Click here for Pay to Play Calendar’ /]

    Pay to Play Committee

    Kat Albers
    Amy Hazer
    Elizabeth Horpedahl
    Brooke Welch



Did you know that last year, Pay-to-Play events raised tens of thousands of dollars to support education and enrichment for our children? In addition to raising money for the school, these events provide opportunities for Montclair families to come together and have fun while strengthening our community.

But… these parties do not host themselves. We need the energy, talent and generosity of Montclair parents like you to make these events happen. We are currently seeking volunteers to host Pay-to-Play events to be featured at the upcoming Otter Walk on October 22.

Why not get together with another family or two and host a Pay-to-Play event? It could be a movie night for kids in your basement or something a little more involved like a murder-mystery dinner party for grown-ups!

The Pay-to-Play team is here to help you come up with ideas for events for kids, adults or families. If you would like to host an event but are not comfortable spearheading one, let us know and we will find a way for you to participate. We can team you up with other like-minded parents to plan a party together or find a party that’s already planned that you can help to co-host.

Perhaps you have a fabulous house built for entertaining but are reluctant to do all the work a party requires – we’ll match you with experienced hosts that can do the planning and prepping, and all you need to do is open your home to be used as the venue for the party.

As you may be aware, the Otter Ball (dinner/auction event in the spring) also offers Pay-to-Play events. Keep in mind that the Otter Ball Pay-to-Play events tend to be adult-focused while kids and family events do better at the Otter Walk. If you’re considering hosting an adult event in late March or beyond, or think your event could generate more money for the school in an auction setting, please contact us. We will be happy to help determine which fundraising event would best fit your event.

Deadline for submitting Pay-to-Play Donation Form is October 7.

We will also be posting a sneak peek of this year’s list of Pay-to-Play offerings, so be sure to check our website before you come to the Otter Walk. If you have a question or need to reach us, just send an email to paytoplay@montclairschool.com

Pay-to-Play events not only help build our school community but they raise money for a cause all of us care deeply about – our kids. So join the fun and host a party. We hope to hear from you soon!