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Dear MES Community,

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for working so hard to make Otter Walk 2016 the best one yet! The day was so amazing and personified everything we love so much about our Montclair community – students young and old, teachers, staff, administrators, alums, and families all walking together and working together to FUNdraise for our Blue Ribbon school.

A HUGE Thank You to OW committee leads, Dad’s Club, and the 275+ Day-of-OW volunteers (including lots of new faces) – we can’t do it without you. And our fearless Principal Elizabeth Austin and Vice Principal Cheryl Ousley and Manny (our custodian), who opened our doors at 6:30am and locked them at 6:30pm. THANK YOU!

Just a few details about collections and other loose ends . . .

Donations Deadline: Thursday, November 10th.
The next step (once your child is fully rested!) is collecting and recording pledges (and okay to solicit those final few friends and family members too!). DoJiggy makes this easier for many of you.

FOR ONLINE PLEDGES: Go to Navigate to the participant control panel by logging in (upper right hand corner) and find the Donation Report (My page – Donations) which will list all donations logged by your supporters. Ensure the grand total amount is what you expect – this amount will be used to determine your prize level. Note any supporters who did not pay via PayPal and have an “incomplete” next to payment. Follow up with any supporters who have not yet paid.

If you have additional cash or checks that have not yet been entered into the system, click on the “enter personal donations” link at the top to enter them. Sponsors who pledged per kilometer will need to complete their donation by either sending in cash or a check to the parent of the walker. If sponsors would like to request a link to pay by credit card or PayPal, please ask them to send their request to and volunteers will make their best effort to provide a payment link. Please make sure these pledges are completed by November 8th.

Once all donations are recorded, select “Print” and include this printout in the manila collections envelope you received at check-out, along with all cash and checks (checks are much preferred). Checks should be made out to Montclair Elementary PTA. Submit the envelope to the central collections box in the office (not the classroom) by Tuesday, November 8th.

FOR WRITE-IN PLEDGE FORMS: (Note that we ask even those who are manually collecting pledges to use DoJiggy to log your pledges. We make this request as our donations reconciliation team are parent volunteers, just like you, and it will make their jobs considerably easier if you do this preparatory work for them so these volunteers don’t have to enter all of the data.) That said, if you do not have access to the internet, please use the write-in pledge form that went home in your child’s packet. Include it in the manila collections envelope you received at check-out, along with all cash and checks (preferred over cash) and turn it into the central collections box in the office.

Questions? Please email our Otter Walk collections team at

Unable to attend on Saturday?
Your child can still secure sponsors to help their class earn the class participation prize and earn fundraising prizes even if they didn’t walk! And t-shirts are still available for those who didn’t walk but who raise at least $150. (As with all financial contributions to the school, there is a fund that is distributed confidentially to families who need it. If your child makes an effort to raise funds but cannot meet the $150 threshold for the t-shirt, please contact Principal Austin and he or she will receive a t-shirt.) Look for a manila fundraising envelope in your green folder, or ask your teacher for one. Email the collections team at if you need help!

Did you forget to check out?
A few children, particularly Kindergarteners, did not come to turn in lap cards and pick up their envelopes at check-out. Please either turn the lap card to the office or take a photo of the card and send to ASAP. Please note, in order for your child to be eligible for prizes based on kilometers walked, you must return your lap cards.

Did your walker go home with their lanyard?
We are missing some of the lanyards. If you see any lying around your home, please turn them into the office. We reuse them each year and it will help to cut costs.

In early December, students attend a special assembly to celebrate one another’s accomplishments. Classes will be recognized for walking long distances as a group, securing the highest levels of sponsorships, and for achieving 100% classroom participation (showing up and walking at least one lap) and 90% participation (turning in at least one pledge or walking at least one lap). Additional prizes/recognition will be awarded for the top walker in each grade and for securing high levels and numbers of donations. For a reminder of the prize levels, click

Interested in joining the Otter Walk team in 2017?
It truly takes a village to make the Otter Walk successful. If you’re interested in volunteering at the 2016 Otter Walk, we want to hear from you! For more information on how you can get involved, email the Otter Walk Co-Chairs at the email listed below.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks again for all you did to make Saturday a success and support our school!

With gratitude,
Sonia Chopra and Katy Geisert
Otter Walk Co-Chairs



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