Green Files 2014-2015

Green Files 2014-2015

The Montclair Elementary School Green Team has created a system by which parents can receive general community flyers and other information via email or here on the website instead of receiving hard copies in the weekly green folder.   This page provides access to download those files.

If you would like to receive most of the weekly Green Folder content by email, send a message to
Please include your name, your child’s name and teacher. Thank you!





2015 Green Folder Filesyou can sort by clicking on any column header (name, size, hits)

2015-03-16 Spanish Language Summer Camp335.7 KiB331
2015-03-09 OUSD Health Resources208.3 KiB118
2015-03-23 MES Variety Show Flyer Updated82.7 KiB172
2015-03-16 MES Variety Show 201580.6 KiB188
2015-03-09 JCC Camp Tzofim510.1 KiB134
2015-03-23 Berkeley Bay Festival405.9 KiB116



2014 Green Folder Filesyou can sort by clicking on any column header (name, size, hits)

2014-05-05 WISH Summer Spanish Programs281.4 KiB290
2014-05-19 Simply Music Piano Lessons369.1 KiB359
2014-05-26 Park'N It Day Camp201.0 KiB134
2014-02-04 OCRBR Baseball178.9 KiB313
2014-05-05 Oakland Ballet Production in Action299.8 KiB268
2014-05-12 Montclair Dance Athletics304.4 KiB221
2014-05-05 Montclair Dance Athletics Summer Programs643.4 KiB255
2014-02-24 Ira Jinkins Spring Camp753.6 KiB384
2014-05-19 Girl Scouts314.2 KiB256
2014-02-04 East Bay Flag Football20.3 KiB457
2014-05-05 Crogans Fourth Tuesdays241.5 KiB119
2014-05-19 Great American Backyard Campout Oakland408.9 KiB211
2014-02-24 BALL Baseball Camp148.0 KiB249
2014-02-04 Berkeley ATDP Flyer493.4 KiB277
2014-02-04 Berkeley ATDP Student Letter123.1 KiB1006
2014-06-05SafetySitters620.4 KiB297
2014-06-05AreYouReady1.7 MiB223
2014-01-04 Nominate A Teacher1.0 MiB225
2014-01-04 Growing Up Asian834.7 KiB343
2014-01-03 Youth Self Defense Classes101.1 KiB321
2014-01-03 WISH After School Spanish Classes382.0 KiB227
2014-01-03 UN Day Volunteering 2014-02-21242.9 KiB223
2014-01-03 Training For Literacy Volunteers2.3 MiB221
2014-01-03 Shorin-Ryu Karate Classes67.0 KiB496
2014-01-03 John Chapman Guitar Instruction585.5 KiB233
2014-01-03 Day Of Service Montclair Work Day49.3 KiB251



2013 Green Folder Files you can sort by clicking on any column header (name, size, hits)

10/2013 Zumba230.4 KiB261
12/2013 WISH Montclair Spanish Learning Center357.2 KiB245
12/2013 Sarah Science Winter Camps574.7 KiB254
10/2013 Piano748.3 KiB406
12/2013 Karate Class 01-14-14 OUSD64.1 KiB249
12/2013 JCC Camps560.0 KiB249
10/2013 Girls Softball689.0 KiB248
12/2013 EBUSC-Tryout-Schedule-2014-15-v186.9 KiB396
12/2013 Basketball264.5 KiB227