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On-Site Help for Parents and Children

Services of Montclair’s School Climate Consultant
Dr. Susan DeMerrseman
Office Hours: Tuesdays
Contact the office for an appointment: 510-339-6100

Our former psychologist, Dr. Susan DeMersseman, continues to serve the school in a number of ways.  She works in the classroom conducting discussions and activities to promote inclusion and increase social skills.

She works with parents when they have concerns about their children or when families are facing challenges or changes.  Parents often just drop in but the office also keeps an appointment schedule for her work day which is Tuesday.

Dr. Susan also meets with parents and the child together for short coaching sessions to address such issues as how to develop homework strategies, improve concentration, and deal with worries.

Each year she provides parent workshops and volunteer training.  She is willing to facilitate small groups for parents with specific concerns.

Dr. Susan DeMersseman is a psychologist and writer in the San Francisco Bay area, where she has worked with children and families for more than 30 years.

Her writing has appeared in many national publications and in several books.

She grew up in South Dakota and has shared that experience and the rich community of the Bay Area with her husband and her now grown children. When she appears on local media or at parent workshops she is often introduced as a “parenting expert,” a label she describes as her favorite oxymoron (followed closely by sweet 16).

Her blog, Raising kids, gardens, and awareness, is a humorous and touching look at raising children, gardens, and awareness, and includes a touching post of the first day of Kindergarten.

What the Parents Think:
“Dr. Susan is a precious resource at our school! No matter what gender, grade, or situation, she knows how to help. If a child is having a social issue such as bullying on the playground or “girl drama” between friends, I have seen her come to the entire class to talk about something as if it is just a normal part of the curriculum. The students are none the wiser that an important life lesson is being taught to help a specific child, while also teaching the entire class. The child experiencing the issue is not getting singled out, and it is a win for everybody in the form of a better learning environment.

She is also there for parents who are doing their best to navigate parental situations outside of the classroom. For instance, trying to get your child to sleep in their own bed at night, teaching/homework styles and what is or is not working for your child this year, handling the topic of a parent with a serious illness, or how to proceed when you want to approach a fellow parent about a tricky issue and you just are not sure how to start…

If you have any sort of issue or question, then run and don’t walk to make use of Dr. Susan’s valuable and wise approach to parenting and the world of elementary school!”

— 5+ Year Veteran Montclair Parent

parentingnoapp Our very own fantastic School Climate Consultant, Dr. Susan DeMersseman, has put together a collection of insightful articles on parenting in this great book. The book is available in paperback and electronic formats from Amazon.