2014-09-17 General Meeting Minutes

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2014-09-17 General Meeting Minutes




Montclair PTA General Meeting

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Montclair Multipurpose Room


Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


No official sign-in was provided, but approximately 45 people assembled for the meeting. Quorum is 20. Quorum is present.


Amy welcomed the audience and presented the agenda for the evening.


Julie Eads conducted the voting in of the board members. All members were introduced to the audience:

  • Amy Omand, President
  • Executive Vice President Internal: Wonny Mullen
  • Executive Vice President External: Alice Hansen
  • 1st Vice President-Programs: Johanna Jones
  • 2nd Vice President-Membership: Michelle Branner
  • 3rd Vice President-Fundraising: Jennifer Keith
  • 4th Vice President-Technology: Candy Apple
  • 5th Vice President- Diversity and Outreach: Maravic Hammond
  • 6th Vice President-Community Programs and Events: Corinne Welpton
  • Vice President Communications: Monica Mehta
  • Treasurer: John Uselman
  • Financial Secretary: Kevin Tam
  • Recording Secretary: Sharleen Haarsma
  • Historian: Jennifer Ames
  • Auditor: Amy Neumann
  • Parliamentarian: Julie Eads
  • Teacher Representative: Nancy Steimle
  • Principal: Nancy Bloom


Cynthia Judkins moved to approve the 2014-2015 PTA Board, Lauren Diston 2nd the motion. There was no discussion, all in favor, motion passed.


John Uselman presented the budget. He reviewed the 2013-2014 fiscal year and shared the 2014-2015 financial forecast with the audience. The 14-15 financial goal is set at $331,000. Nina Senn moved to approve the budget, Jose Lopez 2nd the motion. There was no discussion, all in favor, motion passed.


Jennifer Keith reported on the fundraising updates. The fundraising team has lined up several technological programs to make it easier for individuals to donate to the various causes. Otterwalk.dojiggy.com


Pilar Strutin-Belinoff and Lauren Diston spoke on the Otter Walk:

  • The Otter Walk packets came home earlier this week. The packets included information about the event and a sponsor form for each student.
  • Sponsorships are always welcome! Please contact Jennifer Keith if you know of a business owner that is interested in sponsoring the event.
  • There are still volunteer positions available.   If you would like to help with the Otter Walk contact Lauren or Pilar
  • There also will be a walking training program on Fridays for kids and parents (not a drop off event). This is a “just show up event.” Look for more information coming home with your student.


Wonny Mullen spoke about the volunteer positions. There are 2 types of volunteering; school-wide or classroom. For any volunteer job, you must have a TB test, register as a volunteer online, and attend a volunteer orientation conducted by Dr. Susan. School-wide events include the Otter Walk, and Otter Ball.   Dad’s club also conducts fundraising nights that need volunteers.


Nancy answered questions submitted online:


Cooking Kitchen: The breakfast in the classroom is for every student. Each breakfast includes a beverage, a fruit, and a main meal. The intent is for the meal to be cooked on campus and OUSD as well as Montclair Elementary are working out kinks. Lunch is still experiencing kinks. Nancy is still working on getting the lines to move faster.   After school enrichment and Adventure Time includes a snack as a part of this program.


New Homework Policy: The policy isn’t “no homework.”   Nancy is proposing to have Montclair’s homework policy to be slightly adjusted. She is pushing for less homework and more meaningful learning experiences at home. Homework examples include student’s reading and keeping a reading log signed by the parent, problem of the week in math, and long term projects, i.e. states and capitol tests, missions, science fair projects, etc.


Teacher preparation for Common Core: The teachers have attended numerous professional development opportunities relating to common core. Training began last year and continued over the summer. The level of collaboration is beyond what is expected by the district.


Technology in the classroom: With the use of chrome books and other technology devices the kids will be able to move fluently through the integrated technology. Montclair and OUSD are working together to come up with ways to provide students with more technology access.


Montclair a K-8 school???? Nancy is completely opposed to the idea. The range of diversity that comes with 9 grades is not conducive to the proper social development of kids. Older students need the opportunity to socialize on a greater level than an elementary. Also, there are other structural needs necessary for middle school students that cannot be developed on the size of this campus.


Upcoming Events:

  • November PTA meeting topic: Middle school options for your child


Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm.

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