2/19/2014 General Meeting Minutes

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2/19/2014 General Meeting Minutes

Montclair PTA General Meeting


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Montclair Elementary Multipurpose Room


Melissa called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.


No official sign-in was provided, but approximately 50 people assembled for the meeting.  Quorum is 20.  Quorum is present.


MES Update:  The PTA Board reported on the following items:

  • In order to help the lunch line run smoother, each student received a student ID that can be scanned every time students buy lunch.  Leslie Dougherty was instrumental in obtaining the ID cards and getting them coded with each student’s ID.
  • Amy reported on the budget.  YTD we have raised approximately $225,000 of an approximate $239,000 goal.  We have spent approximately $238,000 of an approximate budget of $291,000.  Chris Gulli, a member of the audience proposed to approve the budget; another audience member moved to 2nd the motion.  No discussion, all in favor, the budget passed.
  • Susan reported that the Otter Ball is on March 15th at the Sequoyah Country Club.  After February 20th,  the ticket price goes up to $65.00.  The committee is looking for volunteers to help with the event.  Please visit the school website for the volunteer link.


Montclair Parent Presentation

The Boys Project

Andre Salvage



Andre discussed the importance of staying connected with your son (or daughter).  He passed out a handout that shared advice on raising boys, connecting to them, effective listening skills and how to talk to your son.  The advice he shared with the audience included the following:

1.  Appreciate your son’s male energy and their unique expression of that energy.
2.  Resolve any issues you have with men, that way you won’t transfer those issues to your son(s).
3.  Nurture their talents, abilities, and interests; be interested in what interests them.
4.  Share your desires and interests with them.
5.  Incorporate consistency:  create clear expectations, boundaries, consequences, routine, and structure.
6.  Allow boys to be themselves, but not at the expense of others.
7.  Be ready to change the way you communicate.
8.  Allow for “cool posing.”  They have to be able to function on the street in public.  They need to be able to express themselves that makes them feel comfortable among his peers.
9.  All children need to be acknowledged, accepted, and loved.  These help them to deal with rejection.  Let them know there is not a thing wrong with them. Don’t take the rejection personally.  If they know they are continually acknowledged, accepted, and loved they will have less of a problem with rejection.
10. Recognize and encourage the skills developed from hardships.
11.  Create a safe place to be wrong and right.
12. Avoid teasing, shaming, intimidating, and interrogating.  Avoid questions like:
“Why did you…”
“What were you thinking…”
“How could you…”
13. Be a safe place.  If they are lying, ask them what you are doing as a parent to make them feel like they have to lie.  Build an environment that is safe where lying wont be necessary.
14.  Action Talk:  many boys express themselves while engaging in another activity.
15. Really listen when your son decides to talk.  Hear the message behind the words.

In closing, Andre shared these essential life lessons that boys need at all ages:

  • Don’t take things personally
  • Not all unfair situations need to be fought
  • Your worth is not predicated on someone else’s opinion of you
  • Mistakes are advance learning opportunities
  • You are not the reason someone says no to you
  • There is nothing wrong with you (being a boy)


At the end, Andre held a question and answer session.  If you would like more information, contact Andre using the email address or phone number above.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:31pm

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