10/16/2013 – PTA General Meeting Minutes

Oct 16, 2013 by

10/16/2013 – PTA General Meeting Minutes


Montclair PTA General Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Montclair Multipurpose Room

No official sign-in was provided, but 41 people assembled for the meeting.  Quorum is 20.  Quorum is present


Melissa Raymond called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.


Melissa reported on a few points of business:

  • Otter walk is this Saturday
  • Donations are by grade level please donate
  • We are still in need of volunteers.
  • No playing on the physical fitness apparatus
  • Lost and found new location under the stairs.
  • Lauren Sanchez has developed a classifieds section for parent use.


Guest Speaker: Officer Steve DeWarns

 Internet Safety Academy


  • Internetchildsafety.net blog twitter
  • Fulltime police officer, Piedmont PD
  • Online predator investigation unit
  • Has high school and middle school children
  • Commonsensemedia.com


1.  His first piece of advice is to help your child to be more responsible about the use of technology.  Parent you kids when they are online.


2.  When should you give a student a cell phone? Up to you.  Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my child responsible enough?
  • Is my child mature enough?
  • Is there a need or want?
  • Main use of the cell phone?


2010 PEW found that 75% of 12-17 year olds had cell phones


3.  Officer DeWarns teaching points were:

  • Set up a call list of friends
  • Lock device so no one can use it without your permission.
  • Collect device at bedtime
  • Create real consequences


4. Texting and chats:  Set ground rules:

  • Teach digital etiquette
  • Appropriate language
  • Good time to text?
  • Posting or forwarding mean or harassing comments is not allowed
  • Think before you post


30% of cyber bullying is unintended.  For example, LOL = lots of love OR laugh out loud.  Texting email chats can be the worst forms of communications because emotions can be misunderstood.  Think about what message is being sent.  Sarcasm and emotion cannot be detected.


5.  Stay informed about the apps your child is using.

  • Instagrams default settings can expose the user.  Privacy setting is not automatically on. You need to change it when the app is set up.  Anyone can view your profile if you don’t turn on the privacy.
  • Geotagged photos: if settings are not set up properly, at the time the pictures are taken viewer can find out where the pic was taken showing location of phone owner.  You can go in to “location services” and turn off certain apps from being able to share information from the location.
  • Kik free chat service app kids are still doing it for free.
  • Snap Chat images and words can be shared for 1 to 10 seconds.  But pictures sent to Internet are not permanently deleted as Snap Chat states it will be.  Snap Chat has a disclaimer that screenshots can be captured.
  • Ask FM app was linked to 4 teen suicides recently.  This site allows users to remain completely anonymous and posts questions and comments to each other creating a platform for bullying.  The Internet is not a place to resolve conflict.
  • Is the apps age appropriate?
  • Set up app restrictions with a passcode only you know.  This will enable you to control what they are exposed to on their phone.


6.  Find out who do your children “friend” online?   Are they really true friends?  Be selective about who you friend online.  It isn’t a popularity contest.  Its okay to be friends with someone online, just make sure you know whom they are.  Just because your friend is a friend with another person doesn’t mean they have to be friends with you.  It doesn’t make them your friend.


7.  Double check your Facebook settings sometimes they can change the terms which can set your setting back to default mode.


8. Last Key Points:

  • Don’t share your passcode
  • Words do hurt, and they live forever.  Hate spreads like a virus.
  • Take control of you social media
  • Choose quality friends
  • Digital Eraser Law: if your child uses any site, and realized mistakes, the victim can ask for the company to erase.  This doesn’t include what their friends have done with the images.  He feels this might be a false hope.  Not effective until 2015.


Contact Information:

(707) 480-0327


Meeting Adjourned at 8:24pm

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